Red river, NM


chicken tractor supply run

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When we met, neither of us had chickens. We love breakfast though, which means eggs! (And coffee.) 


In our spare time, we enjoy making breakfast, playing catch in the yard, going for walks, flying (Tyler is a pilot), working on projects, Jeepin', family and friends, and simply being together. 


Soon after we met, Tyler bought a house in Newcastle, OK and quickly decided he wanted chickens. He found plans online for a coop and we went to work (with lots of breaks, of course, and some help from family). Needless to say, the backyard belongs to them now. 


We started with six Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte chicks we purchased from someone in our area. In the summer of 2020, the girls moved in. Well, we thought they were girls. As they grew, one stood out among the others; it was bigger and a little different. One day we named them all: Karen, Nancy, Lil' Judy (she was the smallest), Linda, Debbie, and Big Sandy. You guessed it! Big Sandy is the rooster and his name stuck. Although he was unexpected, we kept him and now we're glad we did! 


It didn't take long for the chickens to become a daily source of entertainment in addition to providing fresh eggs for the kitchen. We love watching them live their lives running around the backyard. When they arrived, we probably could have sold the TV (except we watch too much farm-related YouTube) because we find ourselves narrating the flock. Their mannerisms and facial expressions are the best! We love watching them.


Our love for keeping a sustainable poultry flock started and flourish quickly when one of the hens became broody at nine months old. Around the same time, we decided to put some in the incubator. These first chicks started the process of us raising new members to increase our flock as well as making chicks available for members of our community and friends like you. It's so exciting! We would love to share these feathered friends and their goodness with your family! You won't regret it. 

- Tyler & gentry