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Laced Red Wyandotte


Laced Red Wyandotte

& Lavender Orpingtons

Here's what is hatching soon! $10/ea

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*Reserving a chick does not guarantee that you will get to purchase a chick. We allow every egg to be spoken for but know that a 100% hatch rate cannot be expected. Sales will be made in order of reservations. We will contact you after hatching is complete.

Chicks are sold as straight-run.

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We deliver within a 15-mile radius of Newcastle, ok with a five-chick minimum.

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After the chicks leave our care, we are no longer responsible for their livelihood. While we wish you and them the very best, we cannot guarantee a life expectancy of any amount due to numerous environmental and care-method factors. Refunds/replacements will not be made if loss of life takes place after pickup/delivery.

Hatching eggs

[E-mail us if you're interested in purchasing eggs!]

Our hatching eggs are collected from our single-breed flock. We have had successful hatches with a broody hen and incubator both. While we wish you the best in the hatching fun, we cannot guarantee a hatch rate of any amount due to numerous environmental factors in various setups not controlled by us. And nature.