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2022 Spring hatch dates

March 18
March 25

April 1
April 8
April 15
April 22
April 29
May 6

Chicks are $10/ea (straight run).

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*Reserving a chick does not guarantee that you will get to purchase a chick. We allow every egg to be spoken for but know that a 100% hatch rate cannot be expected. Sales will be made in order of reservations. We will contact you after hatching is complete.


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We deliver within a 15-mile radius of Newcastle, ok with a five-chick minimum.
We make trips to Ada, OK often. Note below if you'd like to pick up there.

purchase terms


After the chicks leave our care, we are no longer responsible for their livelihood. While we wish you and them the very best, we cannot guarantee a life expectancy of any amount due to numerous environmental and care-method factors. Refunds/replacements will not be made if loss of life takes place after pickup/delivery.

Hatching eggs

[E-mail us if you're interested in purchasing eggs!]

Our hatching eggs are collected from our single-breed flock. We have had successful hatches with a broody hen and incubator both. While we wish you the best in the hatching fun, we cannot guarantee a hatch rate of any amount due to numerous environmental factors in various setups not controlled by us. And nature.